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Thermowest Printing is a traditional trade house, specialising in raised printing known as Thermography Embossing or Verco Print. We offer our services to the Printing Industry, Brokers and its Associates right across Australia.

We are based in Perth WA and are a family owned business with more than 25 years experience in the printing industry, we are dedicated to providing a professional printing service with very competitive rates and printing production of the highest standard, so whether you need standard flat print, raised or some of each, Thermowest Printing can help.

The raised printing or thermography process is especially appealing for the printing of logos and other graphics as the raised image stands out. Jobs we most commonly use raised printing for are:- Business Cards, Invitations, Menus and Certificates, but this process can be used for a broad range of applications.

What Is Thermography?

The age old art of Thermography embossing also known as Verco (raised printing) is a multi-stage process. It was originally created to simulate engraving at a lesser cost. The process is done with a "thermo" unit attached to the end of the offset printing press, where freshly printed inks are dusted with a clear powder compound. After the excess powder on the non-printing areas is removed by vacuum, the sheet passes under a heater at temperatures of 480 - 700 degrees celsius, which fuses the ink and powder compound together. The printing then raises to simulate the look of embossed engraving, the sheet passes immediately into a cooling section where the raising action is stopped. The finished product is second to none making it a leading choice for business cards, swing tags, menus, certificates and invitations.

Some reasons for raised printing include:-

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Jobs are raised on line using American Therm-O-Type equipment. All cards are slit NOT trimmed on the guillotine to give the best possible finish.